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Who Can Post?
You can let your assistant know who is allowed to send in email and get them put onto the site. By default anyone who is an administrator on your site can post (just as they could if they logged on).
In general you want a WordPress user for each email address that is allowed to post.
Under the *Postie User Settings* tab you will see additional options..
Changing the *“Allow Anyone to Post via Email”*
– *YES* would allow every single email that gets in to be posted. Don’t do this without a really good reason. – *NO *means only authorized email are allowed.
*Roles That Can Post* option lets you choose the user level(s) that can create posts. You can change a user’s role by editing the user in the normal fashion.
*Authorized Addresses *is where to list the email addresses of anyone authorized to make a post who doesn’t have a WordPress user. It is highly recommended that you create users rather than use this setting. If an email does match an address listed here the *default poster *(below) will be listed as the author.
*Default Poster *is the WordPress user that will appear as the author for emails allowed from unregistered users.

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