About Robs

Robs Shade Sail Repairs was established in 2006 and is owned and run by me, Rob Burnett.

I came from an upholstery background that started when I was 16 years of age, and over the next 18 years I gained experience in every facet of upholstery and established a reputation for a very high standard of workmanship. I started my own upholstery business in 1998 but my timing was too late into an industry that was slowly but surely being killed off by the influx of cheap imported furniture. I had to diversify to survive, and around 2002 I began sewing shade sails for a small shade sail business. In 2005 I was approached by a bigger established shade sail firm who wanted me to manufacture shade sails from their factory on a sub contract basis. I was now fulltime making shade sails and my struggling upholstery business had to be moth balled.

I soon discovered that most of the shade sail companies were not interested in doing repairs to shade sails, and in some cases would try and convince the customer to throw their shade sail in the bin and purchase a new one. I could see that in most cases their shade sail could have easily and inexpensively been repaired and last them for many years to come, saving them hundreds of dollars.

I started taking on the repair work myself and in 2006 registered the business Robs Shade Sail Repairs. But it wasn’t just repair work that I was doing and I soon found myself doing complete new installations. For this work I enlisted the help of the best (Qualified) installer in the state and over the years I gained a lot of knowledge, experience and respect for how to perform all aspects of shade sail manufacturing and installing to the highest possible standards.

With my repair work I have had the advantage of being able to see the many different styles, materials and components of shade sail manufacturing, going back to the very early days of shade sails in this state. I have seen what works and what does not, what lasts and what fails and why they failed. This has given me a unique insight into the manufacturing of shade sails and I am confident that I am manufacturing one of the highest quality and longest lasting shade sails in Australia.

Over the years I have established a loyal and lasting relationship with my suppliers. This is because of the faith that I have in the high quality of their products and the reliability of their service. I think of them as partners in my business and I am sure they think of me the same way. I have also built up a loyal following of clients because of the high priority I place on customer service and my commitment that if there are any problems, I will fix them without delay or dispute.

It’s your appreciation for what I do that I value the most.