If you have a building industry background, or are a competent home handy person, then doing your own shade sail installation may be a way of saving some money. If you are able to install your own posts, roof mounts, wall plates, facia fixings or chemical anchor fixings then you could save yourself hundreds of dollars.

I can help you through this process with technical advice and then custom make you a high quality AURORA SHADE SAIL that will add shade, style and value to your home.

I can also supply the materials and hardware that meet all the required engineering certifications for shade sails (Providing they are all correctly installed).

A word of caution

Shade sails have a minimalist simplistic appearance but they are more technical than a patio roof. A properly installed shade sail is tensioned to a very high tension and this puts high loading pressures on the fixing points and the structures they are attached to.

It is critical that both the correct components and posts are correctly installed and that it all meets the minimum engineering specifications required for the size of your shade sail or shade sails. It is also the case that all shade sail installations in WA require a building approval from your local government council or shire’s building or town planning departments.

Above all, make safety your first priority. Use appropriate PPE when using power tools or working at heights and do not attempt to lift posts by yourself. It is a much easier and enjoyable job when you have someone to help you.

If you are going to attempt your own shade sail installation, then you should be confident in your own abilities and knowledge to perform this sort of work. You should already know what you want and how it is going to look and where your posts and fixing points are going to go. If you are mostly clueless of the above and not sure where to start, then I would advise you to give me a call and let the professionals handle your shade sail installation. You can then relax knowing that the extra money you paid was for the peace of mind knowing your shade sail has been correctly and professionally installed.

So if you’re up for doing it yourself and want to know how it’s done and where to source the materials, then give me a call and we can get the ball rolling.

Please note – a deposit for certain materials will be required before ordering.