Does your shade sail look like it is falling apart

Extreme shade sail repairs

It may not be as bad as it looks and in most cases can be easily fixed at a much cheaper cost than purchasing a new one.

In the vast majority of cases it is the stitching that has been perished by the sun and is coming apart. But the shade fabric itself may have many years of life left in it. Normally after a strong wind the sail will open up down a middle seam or the hemming on the side will open up and come away from the internal cable. With webbing sails the webbing on the side will come away from the edge of the fabric or the webbing in the corner that holds the stainless steel ring may come away resulting in the sail falling down from its fixing point.


All of this is easily fixed.


A full re-stitch of the entire sail is normally required after about 5 to 7 years depending on the quality of the thread and its exposure to the elements.

If you have a hole or holes in your shade sail then this can only be fixed with a patch, but it will look like a patch. Every effort will be made to try and match the colour. But if the hole is only small, then it may be easier for some to live with a small hole than a bigger patch. If the hole is close to the edge of the sail then an alteration can be made and the sail will look as though there was never any damage at all.

repairing holes in shade sails
repairing holes in shade sails

In most cases the repairs are easy and cheap to perform if you can bring your sail to my premises.

I am happy to give advice and tips on how to take them down and put them back up again to help you save some money.

If you prefer, I can come out to collect and re-install your sail for you, although there is a call out fee and a charge to take down and install per shade sail.


In the event that you require a shade sail taken down immediately to prevent injury or damage to property call
0407 303 454 A call out fee will apply and payment onsite would be appreciated.