Maintenance and Servicing

The best thing you can do to protect and ensure a long functional life of your shade sail is to take it down in the winter months and stow it away in a dry place.

This has 4 major benefits.

  1. The shade sail and its fixing points will avoid being overly stressed by the forces of wind and rain during the winter storms.
  2. It will reduce the chance of discolouration from sap, tannins or mould during the winter months.
  3. The act of putting up the shade sail ensures the sail is tensioned every year which helps to prolong the life of the sail and its’ fixing points.
  4. When the sun comes out in the coldest and gloomiest part of the year, you can take full advantage of the light and warmth reaching those parts of your home.

Need Your Shade Sail Serviced?

I can provide a full service for you that includes taking down your sails for winter; cleaning your sails if you wish and putting your sails back up in time for the summer. I will also inspect and report to you on the condition of the sail and its fixings, and also any remedial work that may be required.

Please Note: Not all sails can be completely cleaned once they have become heavily impregnated with mould or stained by sap or tannin’s from foliage. In the majority of cases the shade sail will still be vastly cleaner than it was before the clean, however not all spots and marks can be removed in a cost effective process that does not risk damaging the fabric. Below is an example of an old sail that has not been maintained and has become too stained to be cleaned completely.


How to DIY service and maintain your shade sail

Around April/May is a good time to clean and take down your shade sail. Choose a sunny day with a light breeze to help dry the sail after cleaning. Clean the underside of the sail while it’s up with a soft bristle broom and the hose, but don’t use any chemicals. You can use sugar soap and a pressure cleaner if your tap pressure is weak, but only spray close enough to remove the dirt and no more. Because too close may cut the fabric or damage the weave. Once the underside is done you can release the sail from 1 or 2 of its fixing points so that it drapes down like a curtain and then clean the top side. Using some cord or rope, temporarily put the sail back up again until it is completely dry, then fold and pack it away in a dry place.

If you’re unsure, feel free to call 0407 303 454. My advice is free.