Anchoring Sail Shades to Tilt Up Concrete Panels

Tilt up panels are a fantastic and quick method of building apartment buildings, houses and commercial buildings; building using tilt up concrete panels can be significantly faster than brick and mortar build times.
The trap then becomes when it is time to start putting additions onto tilt up concrete panels and where and how to anchor.
Traditionally in brick and mortar homes, sails are attached to rafters in roofs and chemical anchors are used when attaching below the roof line to the exterior bricks.
Tilt up panel construction courses are the best method and best place to learn how and where to attach a shade sail to a tilt up wall. Trained professionals will be proficient in new technologies and have the know how to accurately attach a shade sail to a tilt up panel wall.
When it comes to DIY Shade Sails and tilt up panel walls I would recommend that the installer get some professional advice or invest in a tilt up construction course to understand how these buildings come together and therefore the safest and strongest points to attach anchors.
To find out more about DIY shade sails check out my DIY page or just contact me.

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