Attaching Shade Sails At Height

One of the most common questions I am asked when people are investigating a DIY shade sail is “how do I attach the shade sails to the house and the top of the sails safely?”
Obviously I am not a work place trainer and nor would I give people advice in this area. Having years of trade experience in the field using various equipment I can look at a potential shade sail installation and I would know how I would tackle the issues of height and working on roofs.
Anybody taking on a DIY project at home should be aware of there strengths and there weaknesses and for many DIYer’s working at heights could be a huge stumbling point and perhaps (just ask Molly) one that can sometimes not be given enough attention. There are many training organisations which can provide working safely at heights training and I personally would suggest any DIYer taking on a project working at heights should do so in the safest manner possible.
Cheers, if you have any questions about safety while installing DIY shade sails give me a call.

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