Cleaning Your Shade Sails

Cleaning your Shade Sails is an easy task and right now is usually a good time for people to start getting educated. Once summer is over, autumn comes in and of course the trees start shedding their leaves and your Shade Sail could become a collection point for your trees leaves.
To clean your shade sails start from underneath with a soft bristle broom and brush the underside of your shade sail.
The top of the sail can be cleaned by using a low pressure hose and gently spraying the sail from underneath. If the desired result is not achieved loosen all but two of the shade sails anchor points and drape the sail so you can brush the top of the sail with a soft broom.
Use ropes to re-attach the sails to there anchor points an tighten the shade sails appropriately.
If you get stuck contact me and lets work it out!

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