Anchoring Sail Shades to Tilt Up Concrete Panels

Tilt up panels are a fantastic and quick method of building apartment buildings, houses and commercial buildings; building using tilt up concrete panels can be significantly faster than brick and mortar build times. The trap then becomes when it is … Continued

Cleaning Your Shade Sails

Cleaning your Shade Sails is an easy task and right now is usually a good time for people to start getting educated. Once summer is over, autumn comes in and of course the trees start shedding their leaves and your … Continued

Attaching Shade Sails At Height

One of the most common questions I am asked when people are investigating a DIY shade sail is “how do I attach the shade sails to the house and the top of the sails safely?” Obviously I am not a … Continued

Managing Traffic During Deliveries

Getting your building supplies on site can in some instances require you and your delivery man to conduct a little bit of traffic management to make sure that no supplies are damaged and more importantly no person is injured! Basic … Continued

Putting Up Your Shade Sail

So you have taken down your shade sail for winter and now the Footy is over (unlucky West Coast) the weather is getting warmer and it’s the long weekend Monday and the wife wants the shade sail back up… sound … Continued